Obviously our business has been severely affected by Covid-19. We are planning to open again on 17th May 2021, if permitted to do so.

We are currently taking bookings from 17th May onwards but these are subject to change if the Government plans alter over the next couple of months.

We would like all of our guests to appreciate that while we want to welcome you all to Cornwall, we need you to be a little more self sufficient than normal. We are asking everybody to think ahead when it comes to things like catering for your holiday. There are already long queues at local food shops, so getting your provisions before you leave home and bringing them with you would be a good idea. Many of the restaurants and cafes that would normally be open will either be closed, or operating at a much reduced capacity. We are also asking everybody to ensure that they have their own supplies of hand soap and hand sanitiser as these can be hard to come by down here. We will provide them for the dispensers on site, but it would relieve pressure on those if you can use your own supplies where possible.

We are planning to have our showers open as normal. As they are small individual cubicles rather than a large block, you will not be sharing air space or needing to pass close by anyone else when using them. As people will be naturally washing their hands and clean while using them, the risk of cross contamination will be very low, but we do advise that you hand sanitise after touching the door handles etc on leaving. We will be cleaning the showers twice daily and would ask families to shower one after another where possible.

We have upgraded our toilet provision this year and now have flush toilets. Again, any queuing will take place outside. A separate hand washing basin away from the main water supply and washing up area is available and this should be used after every visit to the loo. Both loos and showers will be cleaned frequently and anti bac sprays will also be available in each facility for you to use if you wish.

For now the communal fridge freezer and charging areas will not be available to campers. We strongly advise that all campers bring their own cool box or other refrigeration facilities. We will be able to offer freezer pack freezing for you so please make sure you bring enough packs so you can have some in use and some being refrozen. All freezer packs must be clearly labelled with permanent marker. Sticky labels aren’t sufficient as we are going to be liberally spraying with anti bac! It is possible that this will change for 2021 and we will be able to offer the fridge and freezer again.

Government guidelines currently forbid gatherings of more than six people. We are aware that a lot of our guests choose to come in groups. We are not preventing group bookings, but we do ask that guests do not congregate on each others pitches and do not gather in larger groups while on site. Likewise, while we have always been happy to welcome day visitors from other sites, unlike many campsites who do not allow this, for this year you will not be able to entertain visitors from elsewhere on the site.

Recycling and bins will be available as usual. We already have a strict rule that all waste must be in a black bin bag prior to going into the main bin, as we have to lift the bags out by hand. We ask you to provide bin bags as usual, but we do have black ones available for those who are unprepared. Every year this rule is ignored by a few campers and we have to lift out loose rubbish. This presents an unacceptable risk to us this year, and we will be strictly enforcing this rule so that we can keep ourselves and our staff safe, while you stay with us.

Fire pits will still be available for hire but will be sanitised between hires.

We have always prided ourselves on the fact that we have very few rules and regulations and run a relaxed, welcoming site. We wish to continue to do that for many years to come, so are asking for your cooperation with a few stricter rules in these unusual times. Campers who fail to stick to the rules will be asked to leave the site, so that others can continue to relax on holiday.